Publisher says Xbox 360 accounts for the 47 percent share of the current-generation console market; nineteen million Kinect units sold.

Microsoft has voiced the Xbox 360 console has completed life-to-date sales of 67 million units.

Posting upon the official Microsoft blog, arch selling military officer of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Division Yusuf Mehdi referred to the 360 has generated some-more than $ 56 billion during sell given the console was launched in 2005.

According to the publisher, the 360 accounts for the 47 percent share of the current-generation console market. Microsoft additionally referred to Kinect for Xbox 360 has reached nineteen million units sole to date, whilst Xbox Live has strike 40 million subscribers. According to Mehdi, Xbox Live subscribers right away outlay an normal of 84 hours per month upon the console.

Microsoft additionally published the graph detailing NPD interpretation display US console hardware sales; in the graphic, PS3 as well as Xbox 360 sales have been shown to increase, whilst Nintendo Wii sales have been shown to decrease.

The publishing house additionally summarized the skeleton to operate the launch of Windows 8 to assistance the Xbox 360 turn the “premium party service” as well as grow the console’s strech to “hundreds of millions of people worldwide.”

In March, Microsoft referred to it would not be announcing any latest hardware during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. It has, however, been referred to which the subsequent Xbox is now in growth underneath the formula name Durango.

For some-more upon the subsequent Xbox, check out GameSpot’s gossip roundup connected with the latest hardware from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s E3 press discussion will embark Monday, Jun 4, during 9.30 a.m. PDT.

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