The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone array has captivated wild fans, with older-generation models gripping the residual worth which rivals which of older-generation Apple iPhones, officials during trade-in site NextWorth pronounced this week.

The worth of most comparison smartphone models can dump significantly when re-sold, though both iPhones as good as Galaxy S smartphones do good for strange owners with the residual worth decrease of about 5% the month, NextWorth officials said.

With the approaching launch of the Galaxy S 4 upon Thursday, the before GS III should see the residual worth decrease of 5% the month, NextWorth said. When the Galaxy S III launched in 2012, NextWorth pronounced it saw worth declines of about 5% for both the strange Galaxy S as good as the Galaxy S II.

“This kind of worth decrease before, during as good as after the latest product recover is something you have historically usually seen with iPhone launches,” pronounced Jeff Trachsel, arch offered military officer during NextWorth. “It is the single some-more denote which Samsung is formulating the identical authorization with the fourth Galaxy, where latest models have been rabidly sought by owners of comparison generations.”

NextWorth looked during the normal offered cost decrease for used Galaxy S as good as SII smartphones from Apr to Aug of 2012 in reaching the conclusion.

When the Galaxy S III was voiced in May of 2012, both before generations declined in worth by 5% from the before month. NextWorth pronounced the normal cost of the used Galaxy S was $ 180 in Apr 2012, whilst the used S II averaged $ 334.

By the time the SIII was expelled in June, the dual before inclination mislaid an additional 6% or 7% of value, NextWorth said.

The latest GS4 is approaching to cost about $ 200 with the two-year contract. The $ 200 figure has been the subsidized cost for the before Galaxy S III when it was latest upon all the vital U.S. carriers.

Unlocked prices for the latest Galaxy S inclination have been about $ 650.

Used Samsung Galaxy SII inclination showed up Thursday upon eBay offered for $ 250 to $ 350, though the little of the bids were distant less, as low as $ 44.

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