Tokyo Court Rules In Samsung’s Favor Against Apple

Sunday, September 2nd 2012. | Hardware News

Tokyo Court Rules In Samsung’s Favor Against Apple

Samsung has better luck abroad than it does in the U.S when it comes to its court battles with Apple. The most recent verdict to come in, this time from Tokyo, has the court ruling in Samsung’s favor. Saying they did not infringe on the patents held by Apple. The Judge, Tamotsu Shoji, dismissed the case filed by Apple in August, citing that Samsung wasn’t violating the Apple patent that dealt with the synchronization of music and video data between various devices and servers. While this case was no where near as prominent as the case Apple won in the U.S., it still gives Samsung a boost. Seo Won-seok, an analyst for Seoul-based Korea Investment & Securities has said “The favorable ruling for Samsung convinces me that lawsuits in other countries may play out differently from the one in the U.S.” This battle is just one of many Samsung needs to win if it wishes to avoid paying Apple ever larger sums of money in the near future. With court cases still pending all over the world, it will be sometime before the dust settles between these two tech giants.

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Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea, the world’s largest maker of phones, welcomed the Tokyo District Court ruling that its technology that allows media players and personal computers to share music files and other content did not infringe on Apple patents as confirming “our long-held position.”

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