A latest consult by technical await website FixYa indicates which users of a tip 5 clouded cover storage services have been many endangered about capacity, confidence as good as blank files.

FixYa asked users of a use about a tip 5 issues clouded cover storage commercial operation have with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sugar Sync, iCloud as good as Box. Several thousand responses came back, nonetheless a orator did not have a expect amount.

“Cloud-based record storage is apropos a approaching process for record pity these days, both upon personal inclination as good as in a workplace,” pronounced FixYa CEO Yaniv Bensadon. “We goal a FixYa Cloud Storage Report shines a light upon these differences so consumers can have an prepared preference upon which will be many appropriate matched for their needs.”

FixYa uses a proffer staff to assistance with technical await report upon a website. The report is written to assistance consumers correct as good as troubleshoot product problems by themselves.

The consult unclosed a little problems usual to many of a clouded cover storage services, such as synchronization issues. Where it was means to, FixYa additionally offering a tip endorsed fixes for a problems.


Dropbox is a single of a many renouned consumer storage services. It not long ago claimed which it has 100 million users. Each day, a single billion files have been saved to a site, Dropbox officials said.

Dropbox supports only about each handling system, from Windows, OS X as good as Linux upon desktops to Blackberry, Android as good as iOS upon mobile devices.

Those surveyed about Dropbox chose “security concerns” (40%) as their tip issue. Storage genius boundary were cited second (25%); record synchronization limitations, third (15%); delayed responses, fourth, (10%) as good as “other” (5%).

As of June, about 7% of personal interpretation was stored in a cloud, though which series is approaching to stand to 36% by 2016, according to marketplace investigate organisation Gartner.

DropBox has dealt with mixed confidence issues in a past, together with a penetrate this summer which resulted in spam emails being sent to a apportionment of a user base.

“Further problems with remoteness settings, as good as a incident in 2011 where accounts could be accessed though a password, have combined to a tiny though not considerate confidence concerns around a association as good as a product,” FixYa pronounced in a comments upon a consult results.

FixYa users who rest upon Dropbox for personal content, such as photos, song or entertainment, aren’t disheartened by a confidence issues, FixYa noted.

“However, personal users utilizing Dropbox to store personal monetary report or identical equipment which would poise a confidence risk should drive clear,” FixYa said. “The same goes for mid-sized businesses seeking for an easy approach to share bank statements or exclusive commercial operation information.”

Google Drive

When it came to Google Drive, blank folders surfaced a list of user complaints (30%). Problems with synchronizing files was remarkable by 20% of respondents.

Another 20% indicated they were unfortunate with a involuntary acclimatisation from simply regulating Google Drive to carrying to adopt Google Docs, whilst 20% didn’t similar to different errors which occurred whilst they were regulating a service. The superfluous 10% cited “other” issues.

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