The high price we pay for inequality in education

Monday, January 21st 2013. | Others

In the past, I have expounded on educators making neediness wages and scholastic printing houses benefitting off unpaid work.

For my most cutting edge Al Jazeera piece, I tackle racial and class bias in the higher education framework, contending that higher education today is less regarding the amassing of information than the exhibition of status – a status presented by prior riches and associations. My expectation? The entire thing is setting off to crumple:

The American higher education framework will crumple, however it should not be in view of MOOCs. It could be as a result of time. At this time parts of the original to take out huge scholar credits are having kids of their particular. In the following 10 to 15 years, these kids could be the right age for school. Anyhow will they go?

A hefty portion of today’s little folks are underemployed and suffocating in indebtedness. They are working in businesses that have no connection to their degrees. They could be paying off their school credits well into seniority. Can they manage their youngsters’ tuition as rates ascent exponentially? Will they encourage their kids to take out advances and exist like they did?

Today’s green grown-ups know all too well the worth of an advanced education. The concern is if they will need their kids to pay the same cost.

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