Atari’s ultimate monetary inform reveals organisation shutting doors during Lyon, France-based Eden Games, association revenues slip 34 percent; mobile games to be a concentration in time ahead.

Test Drive Unlimited college of music Eden Games is headed to a throw yard. Studio owners Atari has voiced that a Lyon, France-based growth emporium is right away labeled as “discontinued operations,” with a publishing house commencement to sell off investments associated to a studio.

Eden Games most not long ago grown 2011′s warmly perceived Test Drive Unlimited 2 for a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, as well as PC. Previously grown titles embody 2008′s Alone in a Dark, as well as a 2006 strange Test Drive Unlimited.

In 2011, Eden Games shaped a “symbolic strike” directed during protesting a call of stirring layoffs during a firm, believed to sum as most as 80. A minute from Eden Games claimed “mismanagement” upon a partial of Atari as well as remarkable a publishing house was not peaceful to come in negotiations with a studio.

[UPDATE] Following a announcement of this story, Atari reliable with GameSpot that Eden Games is not currently close down.

“Our gain matter contained a inform about a divestment of Eden Studios. We wish to have it transparent that a college of music has not sealed as well as that you will go upon to await a console as well as Personal Computer games of Eden Studios, particularly Test Drive Unlimited 2, whilst this routine is underway,” reads a line from a statement. “The divestment is in line with a formerly settled plan of exploiting a renouned egghead skill living room upon mobile devices, where he have seen clever primary success, as well as around online games as well as licensing.”

The headlines comes around Atari’s ultimate monetary report, that saw association revenues slip a little 34 percent to �39.6 million ($ 51.3 million) for a mercantile year finished Mar 31, 2012. The association posted a net detriment of �3.7 million ($ 4.78 million) for a period, improved than a �6.2 million ($ 8.02 million) strike it took a year ago.

Looking forward to a stream mercantile year, Atari pronounced it will set up as well as monetize a digital titles, with a concentration upon creation mobile games a “core” commercial operation sector. Outside of this, Atari skeleton to take value of a egghead skill portfolio by chartering as well as vital partnerships.

Atari did not discuss specific monetary goals for a entrance year, though did contend a organisation expects flat-to-continued alleviation for handling income.

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