BioWare’s Daniel Erickson admits rise point user total for protected MMORPG have been falling, yet subscription numbers have been not.

BioWare’s massively multiplayer online role-playing diversion Star Wars: The Old Republic is not pang subscriber defections, according to plan lead engineer Daniel Erickson.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Erickson claims subscriber numbers have not dipped, yet point users during rise fool around times have. This, Erickson said, is since players might have gifted “light” server populations.

The developer pronounced BioWare is deliberation merging servers in reply the lessened point user population, yet this movement is not the priority. Erickson additionally done transparent which BioWare is you do “anything as well as everything” to spike the point user figure.

“Nothing is off the list when it comes to creation certain the communities have been clever as well as active upon any server,” he said.

To assistance inspire players to continually lapse to The Old Republic, Erickson pronounced BioWare is looking to pattern quests as well as one-off events with larger accumulation as well as impact.

Additionally, Erickson responded to criticisms of BioWare being delayed to emanate ultimate end-game content. He pronounced since The Old Republic is the fully-voiced MMORPG, formulating quests takes the large longer, yet he said, “We’re removing sprier all the time.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic–which reportedly price $ 200 million to develop–was expelled in Dec to the warm vicious reception after 6 years of development. It sole 2 million copies as well as collected 1.7 million subscribers by publishing house Electronic Arts’ ultimate report.

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