Sharp Aquos 102SH was an considerable smartphone not customarily in pattern yet in hardware. It matches as well as surpasses the little specs of the greatest competitors yet the little of them creates it quiver during the behind of the shadows of alternative high-end phones. Initially offering in Japan only, the phone is right away accessible for the general marketplace as Sharp Aquos 104SH. Basically, the latest various is some-more Western-friendly as well as has inner changes that have it some-more befitting for the US market.


I theory we can contend that Sharp Aquos 104SH has the identical form cause to Samsung Galaxy S2 reduction the disproportionate behind surface, earthy home button, as well as winding corners. For navigation it has 3 capacitive buttons underneath the 4.5” arrangement as well as minimal bezel upon alternative sides. The minimalistic pattern of 104SH doesn’t come off as tasteless generally since of the tone options. Overall, the handset looks neat as well as is rarely appealing.

Power as well as volume controls feel frail yet have been simply reached when land the phone with the single hand. Above the volume controls is the space for attaching appeal straps. The presentation LED next the capacitive buttons have been unequivocally utilitarian as well as helps we figure out what sort of presentation we embrace prior to waking up the phone. It’s not the thinnest during 8.9mm yet it is light for the size, weighing customarily 126 grams. And did we discuss that it has the water-resistant shell? That alone creates it somewhat improved than many of the high-end competitors. Well, solely for Panasonic Eluga that is with the volatile frame.

Specs as well as features

The 4.5” shade of Sharp Aquos 104SH has an considerable shade fortitude of 1280 x 720 as well as pixel 326ppi pixel density. The creatively launched Samsung Galaxy S3 customarily has the 306ppi. You can select in in between opposite arrangement modes with Vivid mode as the best. And whilst the Vivid mode looks good, it drains battery faster as well as still not utterly Retina Display or the high-contrast AMOLED. An engaging underline of the arrangement is VeilView record that prevents meddling eyes from saying what’s upon it. People can customarily see geometric patterns when observation your phone from the sides. This underline is generally utilitarian for those who similar to to tinker with their phones in open places similar to the subway. VeilView can simply be enabled from the presentation club as well as whilst it creates the arrangement reduction vivid, the remoteness underline is positively many appreciated.

Powering Aquos 104SH is the 1.5GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4460. And whilst many of we hunger for for quad-core chips, we share the view of Sony who questions the need for them. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 is explanation that quad-core isn’t regularly improved than dual cores. Besides, dual-core is not so bad upon 104SH generally that it’s clocked during 1500MHz. The phone runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich yet that is relieving to know.

The 12MP camera shakes drift yet though the LED flash, job it unsatisfactory is an understatement. You have to be in the well-lighted sourroundings to have the many out of it. Photography enthusiasts will be happy to know it takes great shots upon macro. The chain of the 1.3MP front shooter is reduction than appreciative as well as it is placed in in between the home as well as menu button. It’s roughly unfit to take self-shots regulating the front shooter though interference the lens. Other specs embody 1GB RAM, 16GB inner storage, as well as NFC record for wireless payments. Included in the package will be the 2GB microSD card.


Sharp Aquos 104SH might not be the approach aspirant to the flagship phones of HTC, Samsung, as well as LG yet it has multiform advantages over them. If we worth remoteness many as well as customarily take photos in well-lit places, it is the great phone to have. Most of the hardware have been future-ready as well so it should tarry the year or dual though wanting an upgrade.

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