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RunCore Launches Xapear SSD w/ Remote Data Deletion & RFID Protection

RunCore today announced the launch of their Xapear Solid State Disc drive. RunCore’s Xapear is a smart USB 2.0 connected SSD solution with RFID protection, allowing you to split your data into a freely accessible partition, and a hidden partition that only becomes accessible by applying a special RFID key to your SSD. The Xapear also offers remote data destruction by simply sending an SMS over your GSM enabled mobile device to the integrated GSM receiver, which then will immediately start overwriting all your data and thereby deleting all previous content. After successful data elimination the SSD’s GSM will send a confirmation SMS to your mobile device.

The Xapear comes with two RFID keys, that will be initialized by the users themselves. After this initialization users can use a “public” and a “hidden” partition and define their respective sizes. In regular use the “hidden” partition cannot be detected by others, only once the RFID key is being swiped over the Xapear SSD itself will the “hidden” partition appear. After another swipe this partition will disappear again. GSM communication is provided for by an integrated SIM card. User then can link this SIM card one specified and self-defined mobile phone. Only this pre-defined mobile phone will be able to detect drive access. Furthermore, the mobile phone can remotely send a data deletion command to the drive, telling it to overwrite all data, rendering it impossible to recover previous data.

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