Rumor: AMD Radeon HD 7970 To Get “GHz Edition” Makeover

It looks similar to AMD is sleepy of personification second fiddle to NVIDIA when it comes to the single-GPU crown. The gossip right right away is which AMD will progress the Radeon HD 7970 from the core time of 925MHz to 1GHz as well as will launch them as “GHz Edition” cards. This would outcome in the singular graphics label from any cost shred carrying the GHz Edition moniker: The HD 7770, HD 7870, as well as right away HD 7970. The usually slow subject is because didn’t AMD recover the GPU during 1GHz to proceed with, as well as presumably which is due to yields. As it stands, things have severely improved. It right away takes reduction voltage for AMD to strike 925MHz upon the Radeon HD 7970 afterwards it did previously, as well as with the cards means to continually time past 1.2GHz it seems the time is right to pull the batch opening the bit aloft in sequence to improved contest opposite the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680.

Powercolor Radeon HD 7970

That’s right, AMD have been starting to progress their anxiety core time from 925MHz to 1GHz in sequence to say for the singular GPU crown. Of march there have been already cards shipping with around 1050MHz core clock, as well as those cards have been in truth faster than the anxiety GTX 680 in a little tests, yet AMD cite to have things official.

Atomic MPC

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