Research In Motion has hinted which it will launch dual latest handsets early subsequent month to attend with a recover of a BlackBerry 10 handling system.

RIM is approaching to betray a phones during an eventuality in New York City upon Wednesday as well as will proceed compelling BlackBerry 10 to consumers a following Sunday, Feb. 3, when it will air a TV blurb during a Super Bowl.

The sporting eventuality attracts a single of a largest TV audiences of a year in America, as well as companies compensate millions of dollars for a 30-second promotion spot, underscoring how critical it is for RIM which a latest BlackBerry height will be a hit. The same blurb will additionally air in Canada, RIM’s home country.

In announcing a broadside skeleton Friday, RIM additionally hinted during when a phones will be accessible to consumers. It pronounced a TV mark “kicks off a week of worldwide launch wake up for RIM’s BlackBerry 10 platform, along with a initial dual inclination to run upon a latest platform.”

If a blurb outlines a begin of a weeklong buildup to a launch, which would put a North American recover of a phones during rounded off a begin of a second week in February.

The anxiety to dual inclination jibes with what a gossip indent has likely for subsequent week’s event: a large-screen Z10 as well as a second device with a earthy keyboard. Images presumably of a Z10 have started looming upon BlackBerry fan sites.

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