Jealous of Samsung Galaxy Beam as good as the built-in projector? Don’t be. You can additionally spin your iPhone in to the projector with the assistance of PoP Video. The device was grown by Micron Technology as good as connects to the iPhone for displaying files upon the incomparable background. It has the 30-pin wharf connector for harmony with iOS inclination similar to the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, as good as third as good as fourth-generation iPod touch.

PoP Video is an iOS pico projector now accessible as the pre-order for $ 99. It is neat as good as portable, creation it the undiluted appendage to concordant iOS devices. Use it for pity moments – plan photos as good as video clips upon the wall for family as good as friends to see. You can additionally operate PoP Video for raised your the one preferred TV shows as good as movies. It’s easy-to-use, supports qHD fortitude playback, as good as has up to 2 hours of battery life. Only half an in. thick, your device would simply slip in to your slot even if it is attached. Following is the some-more in-depth demeanour upon device specifications as good as features.


• Dimensions: 0.5 inches thick
• Input: 30-pin wharf connector
• Video output: qHD fortitude (960 x 540 pixels)
• Playtime: Up to dual hours when entirely charged
• Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
• Charging: Micro-USB (1.2 compliant)
• Charge time: 4 hours

Package includes

• PoP Video device
• User manual

Requirements: iOS 5.0 or higher

To entrance features, we need to download as good as implement the PoP Video app accessible during the Apple App Store. The app is giveaway as good as allows we to plan non-MPEG 3 stable videos downloaded off iTunes as good as those approach from your Photo Album. Display photos away or in slideshow mode, crop the web, as good as uncover off amicable media similar to Facebook as good as YouTube. You can additionally operate it to plan as good as increase papers for improved viewing. The PoP Video app lets we carry out arrangement settings as well similar to brightness, colors, gamma, as good as sharpness.


If we similar to to perspective as good as share images, videos, as good as do web browsing upon the incomparable shade but carrying to outlay hundreds upon the incomparable device, $ 99 is the discount for PoP Video. It turns concordant iPhone as good as iPod Touch inclination in to unstable shade projectors.

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