Owl City Wallpaper

Thursday, June 8th 2017. | Others

Owl City WallpaperI started listening to Owl City when they discharged their first hit-melody, “Fireflies” and I’ve been constantly awed with the quality and imagination behind their tunes. Adam Young has truly encapsulated somebody having a cultural effect while holding fast to their faith.

The verses of the tunes are truly what motivate me though. As a fashioner and writer, such an extensive amount my brain is comprised of crude inspiration that not everything bodes well, no would I want it to. My inspiration is arbitrary – it’s the blossom of the words as they sprout from my brain, it’s the brush stroke on the page that doesn’t quiet fit in. Owl City captures this in a number of tunes that just don’t bode well, but they “feel” right.

This Owl City Wallpaper was inspired by the song, “Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust.”

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