Starting in late September, Silicon Alley as well as Silicon Valley will be collaborating upon high-tech solutions to the problems both cities face. The mayors of New York as well as San Francisco voiced which they will be land dual Digital Cities summits (one in any city) to rise latest ways of handing aged threats, such as flooding as well as energy outages. The summits have already captivated the likes of Jack Dorsey, who is obvious as the co-founder of Twitter as well as Square.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as well as San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee make known the Digital Cities summits.
Image Credit: NBC News Corp

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as well as San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee done the proclamation whilst in San Francisco, with Dorsey present. Other tech luminaries have been expected to be invited to the summits, though the “who” will rely upon the topics being discussed. In further to brainstorming ways to forestall or hoop vital disasters, the summits will additionally find technological fixes for important, though reduction thespian problems, similar to fostering improved environments for startups as well as housing issues.

In new years, NYC has seen important tech attention growth, in partial due to mobile app developers. The city is mostly referred to as “Silicon Alley,” as the easterly seashore reflection to Silicon Valley in California. Bloomberg not long ago make known an additional technology-based beginning directed during assisting NYC’s citizens. The partnership with Nextdoor.com creates the amicable network for city residents as well as is meant to assistance them share internal information, together with reserve alerts.

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