As we contend goodbye to 2012 as great as begin seeking brazen to an additional sparkling year in tech, it’s a great time to postponement as great as take batch of your veteran as great as personal swell as an IT manager.

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  • Embrace large ideas
  • Build prolific relationships
  • Be a improved boss
  • Take caring of your career
  • Make a large move
  • Try something utterly different

Embrace large ideas

Invest for mutation in 2013

Maximize a lapse upon your investments in disruptive trends similar to large data, clouded cover computing as great as mobility.

Bust down a info silos

Some companies have detected which a benefits of pity interpretation some-more at large have been great value a costs as great as effort.

Let go of your ‘command as great as control’ mindset

The consumerization of IT has a little managers giving up gatekeeping. The result? More prolific employees, some-more rewarding tech jobs.

Prepare for a entrance Cobol brain drain

When a final Cobol programmers travel out a door, so might 50 years of commercial operation processes inside of a program they created. Will we be ready?

Embrace ‘shadow IT’

Tech-savvy employees have prolonged bypassed IT to get their hands upon prohibited technologies. Rather than station in a way, intelligent CIOs have been right away embracing as great as even enlivening shade IT.

Stop acid for a fugitive ‘purple squirrel’

Despite a bent shortage, a little managers still poke for employees with an unfit set of skills. Instead, they should work to urge a bent they have.

Give employees time off to innovate

Companies similar to Google as great as 3M give tech workers giveaway time to follow their passions. Could it work for your organization?

Say goodbye to a corporate phone

Users have been perfectionist their own smartphones, as great as support-weary IT is usually as well happy to palm over a reins.

Know when to contend no to latest technologies

Sometimes not taking advantage of a prohibited latest record is a wisest commercial operation preference we can make. Four CIOs discuss it their tales.

Get over your obsession to stone star developers

You wish a many appropriate as great as a brightest income can buy. Or do you? In fact, you’re improved served by a organisation of developers with churned ability levels who concentration upon removing a pursuit done.

Mine your classification for great ideas

Idea government can assistance your classification stay competitive. Here have been 10 many appropriate practices for removing a many from it.

Prioritize tech projects

Barraged with requests for mobile, amicable as great as analytics apps, IT contingency prioritize projects to give a commercial operation what it wants.

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