Every December, pundits envision what everybody will be articulate about in the year ahead. But how can we speak about these predictions if we do not have the words?

Here’s my list of difference for 2013 which we can all operate to speak about — as well as have fun of — rising trends in technology. Some have been around for the while, grieving in obscurity. Others have been code new.

All of them need to come in to the every day conversations.

Pay-to-spam. Facebook will shortly begin contrast the latest underline which would let Facebook messages as well as Facebook email jump over the spam filter for the dollar. The sender pays, as well as their summary will go true to the Facebook Messages inbox.

Facebook has the printed matter nobody checks called the Other folder, the kind of dilapidation where email is conjunction deleted as spam nor delivered to the inbox.

(To check your Other printed matter — as well as we should — click upon the Facebook trademark whilst upon vacation Facebook with the desktop browser, click Messages in the left navigation bar, afterwards click upon “Other” upon the tip left subsequent to “Inbox.”)

Messages in the Other printed matter have been often from people who have been contacting we upon Facebook for the initial time. Usually these messages have been spam. But infrequently they’re important.

Which raises the question: Who is some-more expected to compensate the dollar to get past the spam filters — people we know or spammers?

Of course, if we got to keep the dollar this competence be the good feature. But, no. Facebook gets the dollar as well as we get the spam.

Now which Facebook is receiving this judgment mainstream, let’s all called it what it unequivocally is: “pay-to-spam.”

Plusify. Every week, Google seems to make known the latest Google+ “integration” — the retrofitting of Google+ amicable functionality in to an differently separate Google service.

Google combined Google+ facilities in to Google Search, Google Images, Gmail, YouTube, Reader as well as most others.

The routine has turn so frequent, so common, which it needs the own word: “plusification.”

In the past month alone, Google plusified dual vital properties, together with Blogger as well as the Google Play Store. People who regulating the blogging height can right away plus-mention Google+ users by fixation the and pointer in front of their names. After that, clicking upon the name in your blog takes we to which person’s Google+ profile. In November, Google additionally combined the “Followers Gadget” so we can arrangement Google+ supporters upon your Blogger blog.

Google additionally not long ago plusified the Google Play Store in sequence to supplement burden to reviews. Now, when we examination an app, you’ll have to record in to Google+. Your examination will crop up subsequent to your Google+ form picture, with the couple to your profile.

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