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New iPhone 5 Glitch Reportedly Affects Date And Time Settings

Apple iPhone 5 users are continuing to complain about a pretty annoying “glitch” that is related to the date and time settings on the phone. Apparently, many on the Verizon Wireless network have been seeing fluctuations of the iPhone 5’s time and date even after resetting and manual configuration. Some speculate that there is a bug in how the timing code embedded in the Verizon CDMA cellphone network is being processed. There has been no official word or a fix from anyone at Apple as of yet, so if you have an iPhone 5, you might want to keep a close eye on your wristwatch or microwave to be sure you don’t miss that important appointment!

iPhone 5 Glitch

Some believe the glitch is related to Verizon’s network in the U.S. AppleInsider reported on the issue, and was unable to obtain comment from either Apple or Verizon. Mikey Campbell writes:

While the exact cause of problem is unknown, speculation points to a bug with how the timing code embedded in Verizon’s CDMA cell network is handled.

In order to operate properly, all CDMA cell towers transmit a time signal based on data from an on-site GPS receiver, allowing the network to stay in synchronization. It is possible that either Apple’s handset is somehow misinterpreting the time signals, or timing data from certain Verizon cell towers is faulty, though at this point the theories are mere conjecture.

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