Microsoft Launches Sculpt Comfort Keyboard For Windows 8

Thursday, September 20th 2012. | Hardware News

Microsoft Launches Sculpt Comfort Keyboard For Windows 8

Microsoft recently introduced the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, an ergonomic keyboard featuring an enlarged split spacebar with optional backspace functionality that enhances typing efficiency and speed. The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard also includes several keys that give customers quick access to the most commonly used Windows 8 features, including Search, Share, Device and Settings hot keys and an updated Windows key. The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard has wireless USB connectivity and the estimated retail price is $ 59.95 with a 3-year warranty.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

With the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, Microsoft is introducing its first keyboard to feature a split backspace-spacebar key. This design choice is the result of internal research that showed 90 percent of typists use only their right thumb to press the spacebar, leaving a lot of unused real estate on the left side of the bar. Research also showed the backspace key is the third most pressed key on the keyboard — behind the spacebar itself and the letter “e” — but constantly striking backspace breaks a person’s typing stride because of its location on the top right-hand corner of the keyboard. In response to these findings, Microsoft made two adjustments to help increase typing efficiency and speed:

  • Increased the width of the spacebar to make the bar easier to strike.
  • Split the spacebar to make use of the neglected left-hand side as an extra backspace key.

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