MAINGEAR Now Offers Vertical Heat Dissipation Solutions in Smaller Form Factors

The MAINGEAR SHIFT was a initial law Personal Computer which rotated a inner components of a Personal Computer to precedence a healthy bent of prohibited air to rise. As it exhausts by a tip vents, cold air is drawn in from a bottom of a chassis, gripping components cooler, tying noise, as good as augmenting overclocking as good as fortitude potential. MAINGEAR voiced this sunrise which they have been expanding a companies straight feverishness abolition framework pattern (VRTX Cooling Technology) to twin alternative box design. MAINGEAR has redesigned their renouned F131 framework as good as have been introducing a Potenza desktop to embody VRTX Cooling Technology.

Maingear VRTX Cooling Technology
The idealisation MAINGEAR F131 framework will right away suggest a idealisation micro ATX straight feverishness abolition pattern which is identical to a SHIFT, delivering upon patron direct for VRTX Cooling Technology in a not as big footprint but compromise. The idealisation F131 will await a idealisation technology, suggest twin GPUs of any length, as good as includes a hot-swap, tool-less brook for discerning interpretation storage needs. In addition, options to name MANGEAR EPIC innovations such as a EPIC 120 CPU cooling as good as a EPIC T1000 will additionally urge a altogether tall opening Personal Computer experience. The F131 facilities a confidant as good as purify 360 grade extraneous pattern with a container loading visual expostulate as good as a same polished aesthetics as a comparison brother, a SHIFT. With a 2.5mm thick, sand-blasted as good as anodized aluminum framework as good as a 9.25”(W) x 19.17”(H) x 11.18”(D) not as big size, this complement takes up 38% reduction space than a prior F131 pattern but compromising upon performance. The starting during cost for a idealisation F131 is $ 1,049.

“We have been really vehement as good as suggest a choice for a business to name a MAINGEAR desktop with feverishness abolition resolution in 3 opposite framework distance as good as opening levels.” pronounced Wallace Santos, CEO as good as Founder of MAINGEAR. “The idealisation 3rdnd era Intel Core i7 3930K processor as good as Intel Z77 Chipset, built in any of a desktops suggest a idealisation gaming experience.”

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