LG Optimus Elite

Sprint as good as Virgin Mobile sell LG Optimus Elite on- as good as off-contract. Both carriers marketplace it as an affordable smartphone – which it is. We have to admit, the low cost indicate isn’t sufficient reason to get the phone. A some-more in-depth demeanour during the design, hardware, software, as good as opening is in sequence so we could improved confirm if it unequivocally is value the money.


LG Optimus Elite has common measurements even yet it has the proud-sounding name. It has which observable demeanour of the low-end phone judging by the size. Measuring roughly 5 inches high as good as reduction than an in. in thickness, it will fit snugly in any hand. It weighs light as good during 120g, creation it gentle to hold.

Beyond looks, the phone additionally has an considerable set up quality. It might be the poor choice yet all buttons along the sides have great feedback. Aesthetically speaking, it looks an horrible lot similar to an iPhone from the front yet instead of the turn earthy button, there have been 4 touch-sensitive buttons next the arrangement for navigation. A camera peaks from the behind finish of the smartphone as good as is accompanied by the LED peep as good as self-shot mirror. The behind cover has the textured aspect as good as promotes great grip. To total it all up, Optimus Elite feels plain as good as appears most some-more costly than it essentially is – which equates to LG did good upon the pattern department.


The 3.5-inch shade upon LG Optimus Elite is an excusable size. Most low-end phones never strech the 4-inch symbol anyway. But it could’ve finished improved upon resolution. With the pixel firmness of only 165 ppi, we can’t pattern text, images, as good as videos to be frail as good as clear when noticed upon the phone. Pixels will be pixels.

A 512MB RAM equates to the phone can’t be upgraded past Android 2.3 Gingerbread which the phone ships with. Fortunately, it facilities the ultimate chronicle of Gingerbread. Images which came out of the camera were grainy even when taken outdoor in extended daylight. It is value referring to which Near Field Communication (NFC) record is built in to Elite, enabling we to operate it for wireless payments.


Software as good as performance

Complementing the phone’s NFC technology is Google Wallet. It comes as the pre-installed app in both Virgin Mobile as good as Sprint models. All alternative Google applications have been additionally pre-installed in both variants. The Sprint chronicle was tweaked to embody Sprint-only apps similar to NBA, NASCAR, as good as TeleNav Navigator. Meanwhile, Virgin Mobile gets the non-tweaked, strange UI.

User interface is in all well-spoken as good as sharp for both variants. It performs improved than dual Android phones belonging to the same low-end category. Quadrant Standard, AnTuTu, as good as NenaMark 2 benchmarks uncover which LG Optimus Elite is faster than Motorola Defy Mini as good as LG Optimus L3.


If we have been seeking to buy the poor Android smartphone, LG Optimus Elite is the single of the most appropriate options available. Even yet it was done to be affordable, the design, hardware, as good as opening don’t humour as most compared to the competitors. Sprint sells the device in White as good as Titan Silver for $ 29.99 as good as includes the two-year agreement. Virgin Mobile offers it but any contracts for $ 149.99.

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