Lenovo’s latest IdeaPhone K900 smartphone, shown to reporters during International CES, is a vast phone with a 5.5-in. arrangement that’s additionally really lightweight during 5.7 ounces.

Lenovo K900
The K900 has a large, 5.5-inch IPS shade as well as uses an Intel Atom processor. No cost has nonetheless been announced.

The device drew courtesy as an Intel Atom-based phone, nonetheless Intel had during slightest 8 alternative models which operate a chips upon arrangement during a booth.

Markets for Atom-based phones appear to be mostly outward a U.S. so far,; a K900 will initial be sole in Apr in China, where Lenovo has a clever smartphone following. Pricing has not been set.

The K900′s 13-megapixel camera will opposition a LG Optimus G’s camera, as well as a arrangement is rated during 1080p for full high-definition resolution.

Lenovo called a phone “sleek” in a selling materials, as well as formed upon a discerning hands-on evaluation, it is. The length competence be as well most for a little users, however, as well as a K900 has pointy corners as well as edges.

It will run Android 4.2 as well as operate a 2GHz Intel Atom Clover Trail dual-core processor.

Intel’s counter during CES enclosed Atom single-core thinly slice (1.6 GHz as well as above) phones being sole in China as well as Europe, together with one, called San Diego, which Intel done for a conduit Orange. Intel additionally showed dual Asus smartphones, an Acer Iconia as well as dual Motorola inclination using upon Atom.

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