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k|ngp|n’s Stunning GTX 680 1442MHz Overclock upon Air

k|ngp|n does it again, with nonetheless an additional overwhelming overclock upon a GTX 680. Following upon from his 1957MHz GPU overclock regulating LN2, he’s right away completed an glorious GPU overclock of 1.44GHz (1.006GHz stock) upon air regulating around 1.3v or some-more upon a GPU. k|ngp|n pronounced of a 1.212v celebration of a mass upon Precision X: “Its higher, thats not scold celebration of a mass in pointing X. Its some-more similar to 1.3v+. All my air cards have been vid modded.” This is unequivocally giving it a small bake as well as approach over what NVIDIA recommends, so usually do this if we can means to reinstate a burned-out card. The mental recall was overclocked to 3623MHz in effect (6008MHz stock).

The label scored a tall P12745 upon 3DMark eleven regulating a Sandy Bridge-E complement with an i7-3960X CPU overclocked to 4982MHz as well as a mental recall during 2491MHz effective. Click a couple next to see a full-size chronicle of this screenshot.

Pushing EVGA SUPERCLOCKED label a small harder upon 3D11 v103, closer to 13k eleven upon air rig. Check out a latest KPC PRECISION X skin by Drerex! It’s accessible for download here.

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