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k|ngp|n’s Stunning GTX 680 1442MHz Overclock on Air

k|ngp|n does it again, with yet another stunning overclock on the GTX 680. Following on from his 1957MHz GPU overclock using LN2, he’s now achieved an excellent GPU overclock of 1.44GHz (1.006GHz stock) on air using around 1.3v or more on the GPU. k|ngp|n said of the 1.212v reading on Precision X: “Its higher, thats not correct reading in precision X. Its more like 1.3v+. All my air cards are vid modded.” This is really giving it some burn and way over what NVIDIA recommends, so only do this if you can afford to replace a burned-out card. The memory was overclocked to 3623MHz effective (6008MHz stock).

The card scored a high P12745 on 3DMark 11 using a Sandy Bridge-E system with an i7-3960X CPU overclocked to 4982MHz and the memory at 2491MHz effective. Click the link below to see the full-size version of this screenshot.

Pushing EVGA SUPERCLOCKED card a little harder on 3D11 v103, closer to 13k 11 on air rig. Check out the new KPC PRECISION X skin by Drerex! It’s available for download here.

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