Software tangible networking (SDN) offers poignant opportunities as good as hurdles for craving IT professionals. SDN has a intensity to have networks some-more flexible, revoke a time to sustenance a network, urge peculiarity of service, revoke operational costs, as good as have networks some-more secure.

The plea for IT professionals is to name a right SDN charity for a right record operate box during a right time. These twelve recommendations yield craving IT managers a horizon to weigh SDN products from a crowd of SDN suppliers.

[ IN THE NEWS:A Cisco Catalyst marries wired, wireless as good as SDN in a single switch ]

1. Have a transparent prophesy about how SDN record will good your shop, together with a stroke upon bequest network infrastructure. Plan for how SDN will stroke your altogether network design in a longer term.

2. It is really early days for SDN — a market, standards as good as record will evolve. IT buyers need to commander SDN as good as weigh a SDN delicately prior to committing to a specific SDN architecture.

3. Evaluate a stroke of SDN upon your IT organization. Does SDN suggest opportunities to emanate cross-functional teams (e.g., server, storage as good as networking) to residence interpretation core or clouded cover networking requirements?

4. Think about SDN doing challenges. Many SDN offerings currently have been deficient or need endless customization — who will assistance we with a SDN designation (e.g., channel partners or veteran services firms)? Do we have a existent SDN ability set in your IT classification or is one some-more precision indispensable (likely)?

5. Identify a specific primary operate box for SDN. For example, shortening a time to sustenance network confidence to latest (or migrating) VMs? Or, facilitating peculiarity of operate guarantees opposite your in isolation WAN (e.g., interpretation core to interpretation center).

6. Think about a intensity stroke of SDN upon your operational costs. Does a SDN resolution underneath care have clever government tools? How about a palliate of designation as good as ongoing government costs?

7. Support for bequest networks. How good does a SDN charity await your commissioned bottom of bequest Ethernet switches as good as routers? What is a emigration devise starting brazen for SDN?

8. Think about SDN in commercial operation worth terms. How does a specific SDN product revoke your costs or good IT operations? SDN should not be only about technology.

9. Security. Improved network confidence is a vicious intensity good of SDN. Does a SDN charity underneath care urge confidence or does it emanate one some-more confidence hurdles (or both)?

10. Standards support. Does a SDN suggest await a far-reaching operation of attention standards, for both networking (e.g., OpenFlow) as good as IT (e.g., a operation of server virtualization products)?


11. Layer 4-7 support. Your latest SDN design should precedence networking capabilities during Layer 4-7, together with server bucket balancing as good as WAN optimization products.

12. Application ecosystem. SDN is about formulating an open sourroundings for latest applications which precedence SDN technologies. Ability to precedence a extended focus ecosystem of management, confidence as good as Layer 4-7 applications will be necessary to a long-term success of your SDN deployment.A

Lee Doyle is principal researcher during Doyle Research. Doyle Research provides targeted research upon a Evolution of Intelligent Networks: SDN, OPEX as good as COTS. Lee Doyle has over twenty-eight years knowledge analyzing a IT, network as good as telecom markets. For some-more report greatfully see doyle-research.com, email me during ldoyle@doyle-research.com, as good as follow me upon Twitter @leedoyle_dc.

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