A U.S. district justice decider has ruled which thirteen Motorola Mobility obvious claims associated to digital video have been shabby in a obvious chartering box brought by Microsoft.

Judge James Robart of U.S. District Court for a Western District of Washington ruled Wednesday which a obvious claims, associated to encoding as well as decoding a bitstream of digital video interpretation as well as a H.264 video codec customary have been not current since they aren’t sufficient scored equally to a specific invention detached from a ubiquitous role computer.

The claims have been scored equally to 3 Motorola patents.

Robart, in his ruling, postulated Microsoft’s ask for a outline visualisation opposite a patents. Microsoft filed a legal case opposite a Google-owned Motorola in Nov 2010, arguing which a mobile record association had reneged upon promises to have a video as well as a little WLAN patents accessible upon fair, reasonable, as well as non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms.

Motorola had argued which any Windows 7 OS as well as any duplicate of Internet Explorer 9 sole in a U.S. infringed a patents.

Robert didn’t buy Motorola’s invulnerability of a patents. “Microsoft provides estimable justification by approach of citations to technical journals as well as dictionaries which any of a examples is zero some-more than a mechanism thinly slice which contingency be automatic or written to perform a preferred function,” he wrote. “Hence … a disclosed examples of a decoder in a selection volume to ubiquitous role inclination automatic to perform a duty of a claimed equates to limitation, as well as therefore, have been uncelebrated from a ubiquitous role computer.”

A Google mouthpiece wasn’t rught away accessible for comment.

A judge’s statute upon chartering conditions for a Motorola patents is approaching soon.

Grant Gross covers record as well as telecom process in a U.S. supervision for The IDG News Service. Follow Grant upon Twitter during GrantGross. Grant’s e-mail residence is grant_gross@idg.com.

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