Jessie J is positive she’ll unfollow negative tweeters

Thursday, May 31st 2012. | Internet News

If you had been involved with The Voice, with its miserable, atmosphere-free live shows, ratings that have more than halved in the space of a month, and the long, slow limp towards Saturday night, when the BBC airs its least-anticipated finale since the fall of Eldorado, you would probably have encountered enough negativity for one month.

That certainly seems to be the case for serious-faced Lycra apologist Jessie J, who is so bored with the whole coaching business that she has been running her own spoilers on Twitter. At one point she even described The Voice as “lame”, which is harsh indeed from the woman who said her experience with a broken foot gave her “a different respect for people who don’t have legs”. Enough was enough for Jessie on Wednesday. “Don’t wanna see any negative or moany tweets on my timeline any more,” she declared. “I’ve decided it’s a straight #unfollow if I do.”

On the surface of it, this is a reasonable declaration of war on negativity: the Voice-related woes must be bad enough, but all the more distressing when combined with Twitter’s resident tsunami of snark. Monitor the @-replies of most celebrities and it’s hard not to agree that a blocking spree is the best route. There’s the now-legendary incident of Cher Lloyd tweeting the cheery message, “Its mamma lloyds birthday!!! Love you mum! Xxxx.” Apostrophe crimes offend us all, but it was a bit strong when Lloyd was rewarded, within minutes, with: “shut the fuck up before I kill your mum in front of you.” In reality, most responses are less outré, but it’s the relentlessness of the negativity, usually in response to quite upbeat announcements, that grinds celebrities down. “SO?” is a particularly popular retort, along with the classic “yawn”. “WHO CARES?!?” is a peculiar favourite among those who have chosen to follow celebrities.

So blocking strangers is understandable, but Jessie J‘s intended moan supression takes things a step further. She’s saying that of the 727 people she has chosen to follow – fans, Gary Barlow, Lulu – nobody should tweet negative thoughts. In Jessie J’s world there will be only happiness. Cocooning oneself is a standard celebrity defence mechanism but Jessie’s sadface siege mentality recalls BBC news reader Martyn Lewis with his twee 1993 demand that television should show more “good news”. The world, unfortunately, is a terrible place full of death, destruction and’s jackets, and Jessie J could be doing herself, and her career, some serious harm by turning her back on reality.

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