One of France’s most important song stars Jean Michel Jarre has been in talks with a Downing Street over a probable send of commercial operation operations to a UK, No 10 has said.

The budding minister’s bureau reliable Jarre, important for his code of electronic music, light-show extravaganzas as well as record-breaking numbers during his immeasurable outside concerts, met with No 10 officials in Sep to plead locating inside of a government-backed Tech City, which offers inexhaustible taxation incentives to investors.

The proclamation comes as France’s tip inherent justice deserted a Socialist government’s try to levy a 75% taxation upon a tip earners.

On a domestic blog site Order-order, which pennyless a story upon Monday, a Downing Street source was quoted as describing a assembly as a “defection” from France over a aloft taxation rate. “He’s been in to No 10 to speak to us about desertion – it’s similar to a crappy aged view movie,” a source was reported as saying.

Jarre’s Paris-based representative did not rught away lapse a call for comment.

Last year, a 64-year-old, Lyon-born musician achieved a large unison in Monaco to applaud a matrimony of Prince Albert. Jarre was formerly tied together to a English actress Charlotte Rampling, with whom he has a son. They divorced in 2002.

In 2005, a musician proposed Jarre Technologies to rise high-end audio products together with a Aerodream One, an 11ft iPod dock, which retails for about £300,000.

David Cameron irritated French Socialists in May when he pronounced during a G20 limit he would “roll out a red carpet” as well as “welcome some-more French businesses to Britain” if François Hollande lifted taxes upon a rich. He pronounced by profitable British taxes, French firms could good “pay for a illness use as well as schools as well as all else”.

The Socialist MP Claude Bartolone, right away personality of a parliament, pronounced French people who changed to London for reduction taxation regularly returned to France for healing caring as well as schools given open services “no longer exist” in Britain.

France is in a hold of a discuss about taxation outcast after a actress Gérard Depardieu paid for a residence opposite a limit in Belgium, call a French budding minister, Jean Marc Ayrault, to say: “It’s pitiable really. Paying taxes is an action of nationalism as well as we’re asking a abounding to have a special bid here for a country.”

Depardieu railed opposite tall taxes in an open a minute published in Le Journal du Dimanche in December, observant he would give up his French pass as well as was withdrawal “because you cruise which success, creativity, talent, anything different, have been drift for sanction”.

Alain Afflelou, who runs France’s greatest eyeglasses business, voiced he was relocating to London to enhance his business, though combined which he would stay proprietor in France as well as compensate taxes there.

Hollande’s flagship super-tax upon a mega-rich has dominated a headlines not long ago after France’s tip justice deserted it as unconstitutional. The proxy magnitude would have meant people earning some-more than €1m (£800,000) would be taxed during 75% upon income in additional of that. It was thrown out upon a technicality, which equates to it will not come in to outcome this year. The supervision has betrothed to tweak a check as well as deliver it in 2014.

The mystic 75% taxation was usually a tiny partial of a array of taxation measures by Hollande, together with latest charges upon collateral gains, an enlarge in France’s singular resources tax, an enlarge in estate charges as well as an exit taxation for entrepreneurs offered their companies.

While Cameron has cut a UK’s tip rate of income tax, Hollande has combined a 45% taxation joint for annual incomes surpassing €150,000.

A Downing Street orator told a Guardian Jarre met with officials as well as talked privately about a coalition’s Tech City hub, as well as was looking opportunities to turn “part of a cluster”.

Tamlin Magee, headlines editor of website Tech-Eye, pronounced a pierce by a French association would be startling though symbolic. “If this devise goes ahead, it sounds similar to it will be great PR for Tech City, though you wouldn’t put as well most batch in to this a single move. Technology has been an area where a Conservatives have been perplexing to be seen as progressive, as well as a existent taxation loopholes, if you can means them, probably offer as an advert.”

He pronounced a UK one after another to be tasteful to record businesses: “Successful startups were already combining in this area of London, organically, but good from a government, however, since, Silicon Valley Bank not long ago non-stop a doors as well as it looks similar to there will be copiousness some-more investment.

“At a moment, a pierce is unusual. However, with a volume of French people already vital in London, most of them wealthy, it would not be as well startling if they take their businesses with them. Exactly who this would good would be up for debate.”

No 10 said: “Jean Michel Jarre visited Downing travel to encounter with officials about ‘Tech City’, London’s media as well as record hub. There have been a flourishing series of businesses as well as entrepreneurs from opposite a universe who wish to be partial of a record cluster in easterly London as well as you have been penetrating for which to continue.”

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