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Intel Ultrabooks and Tablets To Feature Free Global Wi-Fi Access

Competition in the ultrabook and tablet space is hot, so in an effort to make them stand out from the crowd, Intel is adding free global Wi-Fi access to these devices where they are powered by their processors. They have done this by making a deal with Devicescape to use its connection manager technology to link to millions of open global hotspots. Note that Intel doesn’t make these computers of course, but they do supply reference designs and silicon for third party manufacturers to make them, which includes the Wi-Fi chips for internet access. Intel will add Devicescape’s software to its standard Smart Connect connection manager, which will allow these small computers to automatically and transparently connect to any hotspot found. This will work even with the device’s lid closed, automatically syncing with cloud services, ready for instant use the moment the user starts using the computer. Assuming the battery hasn’t gone flat in the meantime with all that syncing, of course.

Devicescape builds its virtual network through crowdsourcing. Millions of devices that already contain its connection manager technology gather information on millions of open access points globally. Devicescape then curates that data, determining whether a hotspot has the speed, reliability and availability to make the cut. Devicescape can’t guarantee the quality of millions of access point it doesn’t own or manage, but it can select the best of the lot. Of the 100 million or so public hotspots and open private access points in the world today, Devicescape’s virtual network incorporates about 8 million.


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