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Intel Acquires Key Assets from Cray Inc. – AMD in Trouble?

Intel has acquired key interconnect assets from Cray Inc. in the form of staff and intellectual property, the award-winning Gemini interconnect as well as the upcoming Aries interconnect. This is designed to work in Cray’s next generation supercomputer, codenamed “Cascade”, integrating Intel Xeon CPUs.

This purchase is unfortunate for AMD, since they use their interconnect relationship with Cray to sell Opteron CPUs in the High Performance Computing (HPC) space, which now looks like it’s in jeopardy. Having a presence in this space is important from a marketing perspective at the very least. Fudzilla has more info about this situation.

Delivering continued advancement in high-performance computing, including breaking the Exascale barrier, requires tremendous innovation in interconnect technology,” said Diane Bryant, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Datacenter and Connected System Group. “The acquisition of Cray’s industry-leading interconnect technology and expertise provides exceptional strategic assets that further enhance Intel’s HPC portfolio. We’re excited about the value this will allow us to bring to our customers.

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