HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus (well, technically it’s only the Galaxy Nexus) is the singular of the many appropriate Android smartphones we can buy right now. It was expelled in Oct 2011, as well as was the initial device to strictly run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, that is flattering many the many appropriate mobile OS during the moment.

But the competitors aren’t sleeping, as well as after the year of releasing the garland of common inclination as well as losing money, HTC seems to eventually be behind upon track. Their latest flagship, the One X, is the singular of the many appropriate smartphones voiced this year, as well as it’s the approach aspirant to the Galaxy Nexus. The HTC One X will strike the stores in May, as well as if you’re determining in between it as well as the Galaxy Nexus, here’s the reduced some-more aged of the two.

Design as well as set up quality

The One X as well as Galaxy Nexus have been flattering tighten when it comes to pattern as well as set up peculiarity – both have the same dull edges as well as back, nonetheless the Galaxy Nexus has the winding display, that looks as well as feels utterly nice. Both phones have been finished out of plastics often upon the outside, with the good stout steel support – that’s not starting to be the complaint given both have been flattering sturdy, with the front being lonesome by the blemish resistant glass. As we can see from the specs list below, both phones additionally have the same thickness.

Hardware facilities as well as performance

Hardware facilities wise, the One X is the improved choice, unless we unequivocally identical to the AMOLED arrangement upon the Galaxy Nexus. Sure it is nice, though the IPS Super LCD upon the One X is only as good (it has the same resolution, too), as well as has some-more healthy colors. The alternative specs have been in few instances identical – all the Galaxy Nexus has, the One X can match, as well as it additionally beats it in camera peculiarity as well as estimate power.

The camera in the One X uses HTC’s latest ImageSense technology, with the incomparable lens, backlit sensor as well as the dedicated picture processor that lets we fire HD video as well as photos during tall resolutions really quick – the automobile concentration as well as snap watchful is roughly eliminated!

The Tegra 3 inside the One X with the latest 12-core GeForce GPU is additionally many faster than the good aged TI OMAP 4460 + singular core PowerVR SGX540 combo in the Galaxy Nexus. While we won’t see that many of the disproportion in bland use, you’ll really identical to the faster as well as smoother games, Web browser as well as alternative complete applications.


And here’s because the HTC One X is the improved preference if you’re the energy user or developer (which have been the categorical demographic of the Galaxy Nexus): HTC offers the giveaway as well as easy to operate clear apparatus that lets we clear your foot loader, bringing the One X to the same turn as the Galaxy Nexus in conditions of leisure – we can implement law ROMs as well as tinker with the software/hardware however we want, though carrying to burst by any hoops. The Android 4.0 with HTC Sense is additionally flattering nice, nonetheless we can simply implement the vanilla chronicle of Android.

Specs table


Price, accessibility as well as conclusion

Obviously, the One X isn’t out yet, though with the May recover date, it’s flattering close, as well as the cost will many expected be tighten to that of the Galaxy Nexus. HTC has finished the good pursuit creation the flagship Android phone with the One X, as well as if we longed for to get the many absolute phone that we could tinker with however we want, the One X is during the same turn as the Galaxy Nexus – I’d contend it’s the no brainer that the singular to buy, though it’s up to we to decide!

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