GPU-Z 0.6.3 Released: Support For ‘Dozens’ of New GPUs

Monday, July 16th 2012. | Hardware News

GPU-Z 0.6.3 Released: Support For ‘Dozens’ of New GPUs

TechPowerUp has released GPU-Z 0.6.3, the latest version of the popular PC graphics subsystem information and diagnostic utility. The new release adds support for dozens of new GPUs, including AMD “Trinity” APU-integrated HD 7600D series, upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660; improves stability in Windows 8, and adds a large number of other stability improvements. GPU-Z 0.6.3 adds support for NVIDIA GPUs including GeForce GT 620, GT 630, GT 640, GTX 660, Tesla M2090, Quadro 1100M, Quadro 5000M, NVS 5400M, G610M, GeForce GT 620M, GT 630M, GT640M LE, and GT 660M; AMD GPUs including Trinity (HD 7600D series), HD 7570, HD 7670, HD 6610M, HD 7550M, HD 7850M, HD 7520G, and HD 7640G.

Keeping in tune with previous versions, GPU-Z 0.6.3 introduces a new killer feature: power-consumption measurement for IGPs (integrated graphics) on Intel “Sandy Bridge” and “Ivy Bridge” Core/Pentium processors. The measurement isolates the power draw of the IGP from the rest of the processor. TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.6.3 fixes crashes related to OpenCL detection (when using Intel drivers), with improved OpenCL drivers on Intel and AMD graphics drivers. It adds voltage monitoring for Radeon HD 7700 series. Boost clock detection is improved for NVIDIA “Kepler” architecture GPUs.

Download it here and the ASUS ROG edition here.

  • Added support for NVIDIA GT 620, GT 630, GT 640, GTX 660, Tesla M2090, Quadro 1100M, Quadro 5000M, NVS 5400M, G610M, GT 620M, GT 630M, GT640M LE, GT 660M
  • Added support for AMD Trinity, HD 7570, HD 7670, HD 6610M, HD 7550M, HD 7850M, HD 7520G, HD 7640G
  • Added warning when OpenCL detection crashed (usually caused by buggy Intel Ivy Bridge GPU drivers)
  • Fixed OpenCL detection for Intel, AMD Cape Verde
  • Improved NVIDIA Kepler boost clock detection
  • Shader clock readout will now be “N/A” when not available
  • Bus interface for Fusion and Intel SB/IB will now be “N/A”
  • Fixed crash on ATI related to BIOS reading
  • Added GPU Power consumption monitoring for Sandy Bridge & Ivy Bridge
  • Added voltage monitoring for HD 7700 Series
  • Fixed crashes on Windows 8
  • Installer will not be launched when GPU-Z is started using -dump
  • Added Icon and Publisher name to Installer
  • Sensor log checkbox will uncheck properly

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