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Good to meet you … Lizzy Pennock

I’m 20 and part of the Facebook generation, so I prefer to read the Guardian online. I will often sit in my dressing gown with a cup of tea browsing the Guardian website before I get dressed. It’s something I incorporate into my morning internet routine: Facebook, email, Twitter, then the Guardian. If I read something that makes me go “wow”, I make sure I tweet it. Being a bit of a Charlie Brooker fan, I love the Comment is free section. Starting out with Brooker’s acidic prose and moving on to other authors, I find myself learning and thinking about things that I haven’t before. I began reading the Guardian when I was 16 and becoming interested in a career in journalism. While studying at the University of York, the Guardian has been really helpful along the way. Three years ago, when I was starting to look at universities, the Guardian’s University Guide was indispensable. Now, as I’m about to graduate, I find the careers section particularly helpful. The Twitter page is useful, especially for journalism jobs. The Guardian’s open journalism initiative has really impressed me as well. I can’t think of any other paper trying so hard to involve and engage the general public.

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