lizzy pennock

Good to encounter we … Lizzy Pennock

I’m twenty as good as partial of a Facebook generation, so we cite to review the Guardian online. we will mostly lay in my sauce robe with a crater of tea browsing a Guardian website prior to we get dressed. It’s something we soak up in to my sunrise internet routine: Facebook, email, Twitter, afterwards a Guardian. If we review something which creates me go “wow”, we have certain we twitter it. Being a bit of a Charlie Brooker fan, we adore a Comment is giveaway section. Starting out with Brooker’s full of acid poetry as good as relocating upon to alternative authors, we find myself guidance as good as meditative about things which we haven’t before. we began celebration of a mass a Guardian when we was sixteen as good as apropos meddlesome in a career in journalism. While study during a University of York, a Guardian has been unequivocally beneficial along a way. Three years ago, when we was starting to demeanour during universities, a Guardian’s University Guide was indispensable. Now, as I’m about to graduate, we find a careers territory quite helpful. The Twitter page is useful, generally for broadcasting jobs. The Guardian’s open journalism initiative has unequivocally tender me as well. we can’t consider of any alternative paper perplexing so tough to rivet as good as rivet a ubiquitous public.

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