Funny Pictures in Social Media and Why They Drive Massive Engagement

Monday, May 18th 2015. | Others

Did I choose to compose this blogpost so I could hotshot my gathering of humorous feline pictures? Perhaps.

Genuinely however, there is a genuine reason to this subject. I guarantee.

When you stop and consider it, an extensive piece of showcasing is brain science; finding out about the conduct of individuals, and why they do it, correct? Indeed, I’ve been watching, you got it, the brain science of funny pictures in social networking.

I as of late read a post on Music Think Tank by Ariel Hyatt around a contextual analysis they did on a few artist’s facebook pages. This one emerged to the analysts:

“Electronic producer Dillon Francis dominated our study with engagement rates as high as 25.48%, meaning a full quarter of those that receive his posts are liking, commenting, or sharing. To put this in perspective, the average musician engagement rate in our study, including Dillon Francis, is 3.13%. Francis alone had an average engagement rate 7x higher than the total average of the other nine musicians together.”

As indicated by the infographic in the post, they trait a lot of his facebook accomplishment to his far reaching utilization of funny pictures, particularly images about felines. 😉

Presently, I got to considering. Those are noteworthy numbers… truly amazing. So I’ve been doing a tad bit of testing and seeing naturally. Nothing excessively favor. Simply broad perception

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