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Simply over time for the holidays, Link-Assistant.Com’s clients can provide BuzzBundle an evaluation drive completely free of cost or even buy the very hot-new social app at a significant low cost.

Link-Assistant.Com announced this early morning that it is social networking and also reputation management software offers entered community beta. Users are invited to test completely-practical BuzzBundle for 2 days starting from the discharge day.

Link-Assistant.Com is also known to function as the software home at the rear of Search engine marketing PowerSuite. The company highlights that though BuzzBundle isn’t the part of the industry-well-known Search engine marketing software toolkit, Link-Assistant.Com’s existing customers will be presented a 75% discount upon BuzzBundle purchase.

*What’s BuzzBundle*

BuzzBundle is social media marketing tools the all-in-one social media and reputation management software that lets users:

keep track of their brand mentions on social networks, forums, blogs, Q&A sites;
find all their links in social media;
discover what their competitors’ customers are talking about;
join the talks to increase positive attitude to their brands;
create hundreds of different personas, acting as real people, groups of people or even companies;
set a persona to post as if from a different location;
add unlimited number of social profiles for each persona;
post on Facebook, Twitter and soon on other networks, scheduling the message if needed;
comment, retweet, reply, send direct messages;
make one-click bulk announcements to social sites;
and more.

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