Facebook posted the income enlarge of 40 percent in the fourth entertain as the series of every day mobile users exceeded every day Web users for the initial time ever, the association reported.

Revenue for the amicable networking association rose to US$ 1.59 billion in the entertain finished Dec. 31, up about 40 percent from $ 1.13 billion in the fourth entertain of 2011. The enlarge is the substantial uptick from the 32 percent year-over-year sales benefit which Facebook posted in the third entertain of 2012.

The site’s monthly active users upon mobile inclination increasing 57 percent year over year to 680 million; mobile every day active users additionally exceeded every day active users upon the Web for the initial time during the quarter, Facebook announced.

Total monthly active users were 1.06 billion, up twenty-five percent from the year-earlier quarter.

“In 2012, you continuous over the billion people as well as became the mobile company,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg pronounced in the statement.

Facebook’s mobile commercial operation additionally brought in the incomparable share of the company’s altogether promotion revenue. It done up twenty-three percent of ad revenue, up from fourteen percent of ad income in the third quarter.

Facebook’s sum promotion income was $ 1.33 billion, representing 84 percent of the company’s sum sales.

Facebook posted net income of $ 64 million for the quarter, representing the distinction for the initial time given the association went open final May. It reported the net detriment of $ 59 million during 2012′s third quarter. However, the fourth-quarter distinction was down some-more than 78 percent from the $ 302 million which Facebook warranted the year earlier, prior to it was publicly listed.

Total annual income increasing 37 percent to $ 5.09 billion.

Analysts have been approaching to subject the strength of the company’s mobile commercial operation during the discussion call during 5 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday.

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