Explaining Ivy Bridge’s Surprisingly High Temperatures

For those energetically celebration of the mass the reviews of Intel’s code latest Ivy Bridge CPUs, the successors to Sandy Bridge, would have been repelled as well as perturbed during the tall regulating temperatures those reviews reported when they were overclocked. It appears which the complaint isn’t to do with the aloft feverishness firmness of the physically not as big core, though due to the approach which the Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) is trustworthy to the CPU die. With SB, fluxless solder was used, though with IB, only thermal pulp which competence be to assistance strengthen the core from physically violation underneath stress, though this is by no equates to clear.

When the single compares the thermal conductivity for the dual materials, the disproportion becomes clear: solder has around 80 W/mK thermal conductivity, whilst pulp is around 5 W/mK: in alternative words, they have been in the opposite league. Now, whilst an SB CPU is in hit with the CPU cooler with the 5 W/mK paste, IB right away has dual such barriers, obscure feverishness conductivity significantly. The IHS afterwards effectively becomes the feverishness separator rsther than than the feverishness conductor, which gives us the hot-running CPU. Intel has switched in between the dual CPU-IHS interface methods over the years as well as any time thermal pulp was used, the chips ran hot. Moral of the story: for enthusiasts which similar to to overclock, keep your Sandy Bridge. It doesn’t crop up which Intel has written IB with enthusiasts in mind. Perhaps the after rider of IB or the subsequent gen Haswell will repair this, or maybe the tangible shipping CPUs accessible from the 29th will operate the solder IHS connection?

How does TIM pulp in all review with fluxless solder for conducting heat? Heat conductivity can be totalled in watts per scale Kelvin. To be technically exact, we would need to know just what Intel is regulating for TIM paste/solder. When we went to Intel as well as asked, their respectful answer might not warn we – “Secret sauce”!


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