Technology broadcaster Leo Laporte had me upon his show, This Week in Tech (TWiT), recently. we referred to that we tell all over a Internet automatically from my Google+ stream.

I said, for example, that we tell both a every day as well as a weekly email newsletter though we do anything. It usually happens. Everything we write upon Google+ is automatically posted upon Twitter as well as Facebook, as well as it’s finished accessible as an RSS feed.

This is partial of a interest of Google+. It’s a usually operate I’m wakeful of where we can do usually about all — publish, chat, email as well as blog. You can even operate it as a amicable network.

Since we referred to my complement upon TWiT, I’ve been flooded with inquiries from people who wish to know how to do it, starting with a alternative dual guest upon a show. So we motionless to insist in item how we do all this.

Generate an RSS feed from Google+

Google itself does not beget RSS feeds from open posts, for a little reason. But eccentric services do.

The most appropriate a single that I’m wakeful of is called Pluss Feed Proxy for Google+. To operate it, revisit a site as well as click “Login with Google.” It will give we a URL for your RSS feed.

But wait! We’re not finished yet. we hold a RSS feeds generated by this as well as alternative such services work in most RSS readers, though not all services that operate RSS do alternative things, such as posting upon alternative amicable sites.

That’s because we suggest “laundering” a RSS feed by FeedBurner.

FeedBurner is an aged feed government operate owned by Google. It does a lot of utilitarian things, though for a purposes, a categorical good is to take a feeble upheld RSS feed as well as renovate it in to a at large upheld one.

To operate it, go to a operate as well as set up an account. Sign in with your Google cue if you’re not already sealed in.

Paste your Pluss feed RSS URL in to a “Burn a feed right this instant” box as well as click “Next,” afterwards “Next” again.

Copy a URL that FeedBurner gives you; that’s a URL for your Google+ feed, that we can operate upon any site that supports RSS.

You can suggest your RSS feed to readers as well as followers, in box they cite to get your posts that way.

Here’s what my FeedBurner RSS feed looks like.

Post upon Twitter from Google+

It’s easy to have all we post upon Google+ additionally post to Twitter. There have been most services that do this, though a most appropriate a single I’ve found is called ManageFlitter.

First, open Google+ as well as go to your profile. The URL should be http://plus.google.com/ followed by a prolonged number, afterwards /posts. That’s your singular form URL. Select as well as duplicate it.

Go to a ManageFlitter home page as well as click “Start.” Click “Connect to Twitter.” Select a “Dashboard” tab, afterwards click “Turn on/off Google+ sharing.” Paste in a URL we copied a impulse ago, afterwards click “Start Sharing.”

That’s it! From right away on, all we post upon Google+ will be tweeted upon Twitter, with a couple behind to a Google+ post.

Here’s what my Twitter feed looks like.

Post upon Facebook from Google+

There have been most ways to auto-post upon Facebook. None of them is perfect. Some do not post links. Others do not post pictures. Still others do both, though have been flaky as well as unreliable.

Personally, we select a arguable process that posts links behind to a strange Google+ post, though that unfortunately does not communicate pictures.

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