Electronic Arts shutting Facebook as well as Google Plus game’s servers upon Jun 18, says amicable spin-off didn’t have sufficient income to means itself.

Electronic Arts will close down Facebook as well as Google Plus diversion Dragon Age Legends upon Jun 18, a association suggested upon a project’s official website recently. EA pronounced a “unfortunate reality” of a incident is that Dragon Age Legends does not beget sufficient income to clear gripping a servers online.

As detailed upon a game’s website, players have been no longer means to squeeze one more Dragon Age Legends in-game currency, called crowns. Users with crowns left over can outlay them upon a “massive glow sale” EA is land upon all equipment in a game’s store, yet any superfluous change after Jun eighteen will not be negotiable to destiny BioWare amicable products.

Though Dragon Age Legends will be private from Facebook as well as Google Plus upon Jun 18, BioWare will suggest a free, downloadable chronicle of a diversion during www.DragonAgeLegends.com. This chronicle of a diversion will concede users to go upon to fool around Dragon Age Legends in a single-player, offline mode.

Dragon Age Legends was grown by EA2D, that not long ago became a partial of a BioWare label, with a college of music being renamed BioWare San Francisco. The diversion launched in Mar 2011, is partial of EA’s Play4Free label, as well as helped pull a multiplication to 25 million sum users.

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