Coolermaster Shows Off Power Supplies, Keyboards, Mice, Cases & More At Computex

Coolermaster had a illusory operation of products upon arrangement during Computex this year, all looked good from a operation of cases as well as coolers to headsets, gaming mice, keyboards as well as energy supplies. The energy reserve looked promising, with a Silent Pro M2 1500W unequivocally station out as a vast kahuna in Coolermaster’s lineup when seeking during wattage output. Using twin 12V rails, modular cabling, 6 8-pin PCI-E connectors, 6 6+2-pin PCI-E connectors, Five year guaranty as well as more, a Silent Pro M2 1500W 80 Plus Silver PSU was positively courtesy grabbing with it being upon arrangement as well as featured in some-more afterwards a couple of PCs in a Coolermaster booth.

Coolermaster Silent Pro M2 1500W

That wasn’t a usually energy supply Coolermaster had upon arrangement of course, they had a operation of alternative products together with a common collection of Silent Pro Gold, Silent Pro M2, Thunder Series as well as more. Units of all wattages as well as efficiencies were during a uncover though what grabbed a courtesy of most was a Silent Pro Platinum units that have been 80 Plus Platinum approved as well as were upon display. It appears Coolermaster has a PSU for assorted needs as well as marketplace segments upon palm for attendees to check out during this years Computex.

Coolermaster Power Supplies

Coolermaster is no slump when it comes to mice as well as keyboards either, with a vast collection upon arrangement from a Xornet as well as Spawn mice to a Trigger, Quickfire Rapid as well as Quickfire Rapid Pro keyboards. The Coolermaster Storm Sentinel Advance II, however was positively an courtesy grabber with it’s 8200 DPI sensor as well as 8 programmable buttons. The gentle right-hand ergonomic figure creates a in vogue rodent even some-more appealing. That said, it’s not a usually choice, most some-more mice as well as keyboards were accessible during a show.

Below you have from left to right a readers will see a Xornet, Spawn, Inferno as well as Sentinal Advance II mice. Keyboards in a picture have been a Trigger, Quickfire Rapid as well as Quickfire Rapid Pro.

Coolermaster Keyboards & Mice

No you didn’t dont think about a cases. Coolermaster had a garland upon arrangement together with a Elite 120 mini-ITX, Storm Scout 2, HAF XM AMD Virgo Edition, Silencio 650, Raider, K350 as well as Stryker between most most more. The Storm Scout 2 positively grabbed a share of courtesy upon a uncover floor, not usually since of a looks though to see if it lives up to a prior Storm Scout. It facilities an engaging pattern creation operate of dull edges as well as contours, with an interior setup charity wire government options to one side copiousness of space for incomparable graphics cards. That as well as 3 5.25-inch bays as well as 3 3.5/2.5 in. HDD bays rounds out a CM Storm Scout 2. It positively looks similar to it will be a estimable inheritor to a original.

Coolermaster Cases

For some-more photos of Coolermaster’s booth, products as well as counter babes check a forums related below.

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