Club 3D Announces HD 7990 6GB Dual GPU Graphics Card

Club 3D has voiced the Radeon HD 7990 6GB twin GPU graphics card. AMD do not have twin GPU anxiety cards, creation this the law design. The label is effectively dual HD 7970 cards in one, so Club 3D explain opening 40% faster than the singular HD 7970. This sounds similar to the regressive guess however, as the expected able of most some-more than this given the little games achive scarcely 100% scaling as well as most most some-more than 40% with CrossFire. It can additionally be interconnected with an additional HD 7990 to set up the quad GPU beast setup.

It facilities the 3 times container heatpipe cooler with 3 PWM fans, claimed to keep the label during only 65C when using the label tough in 3D with the “reasonable” sound turn of 33.9dBA underneath load. Of course, it facilities the common EyeFinity await too, which is what the tip finish label similar to this is unequivocally done for. Full info as well as product page have been accessible during the couple below. It will be engaging to see this label reviewed opposite the competition, NVIDIA’s GTX 690.

If we pattern on top of normal opening of your Graphics card, Club 3D CoolStream High Performance Cooling Technology is only the kind of tall opening which we have been seeking for. Club 3D CoolStream facilities tall opening heatpipes which keeps the components cold as well as outperforms customary cooling solutions. Paired with the singular air blower knife edge pattern it increases airflow whilst shortening noise. The outcome is the thespian enlarge of opening for your gaming as well as multimedia experience.

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