The tellurian launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 began early Friday sunrise in Australia when stores in a nation non-stop their doors during 8 a.m. The phone has captivated large courtesy from consumers, as well as a little analysts design it to be Apple’s greatest phone launch ever.

Hundreds were watchful in line outward Apple’s flagship store in Sydney as well as during a store of cellphone conduit Telstra opposite a street. A 10-second countdown — something usual during Apple Stores when vital products go upon sale — signaled a tellurian launch of a phone, which is a sixth in Apple’s iPhone line.

(Follow a tellurian iPhone 5 launch with a live blog.)

Announced usually a single week ago, a iPhone 5 captivated pre-orders of 2 million units inside of twenty-four hours, according to total from Apple. The gait was stand in which seen for a iPhone 4S, a prior handset.

With a launch in Australia right away done, a spotlight moves to Japan. A reserve of multiform hundred people have been already watchful for a 8 a.m. begin of sales there. The greatest launch eventuality in Japan is approaching to take place outward a flagship store of conduit Softbank Mobile in Tokyo’s Ginza district. There, Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is approaching to attend as well as palm an iPhone 5 to his initial Japanese customer.

The phone will additionally go upon sale in Hong Kong as well as Singapore prior to a launch shifts to Europe. The U.K., France as well as Germany will see a iPhone 5 go upon sale currently with launches in a U.S. as well as Canada rounding off a initial day of sales.

Next week a phone will go upon sale in an one more twenty-two countries.

(Jeremy Kirk reported from Sydney.)

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