Rivals Apple as well as Microsoft bookended a week by divulgence capability collection directed during a same pool of customers: The millions who own Apple’s iPhone.

On Monday, Apple denounced iWork for iCloud, a contingent of Web apps which run in a browser upon OS X, Windows as well as iOS — as well as whilst not categorically supported, expected even Android around Chrome — as well as concede request origination as well as modifying upon all of a user’s devices. They have been a iWork apps Pages, Numbers as well as Keynote already accessible as local applications upon OS X as well as iOS, though ported to a Web.

The final day of a workweek, Microsoft unleashed Office Mobile for iPhone. The app, which facilities Word, Excel as well as PowerPoint request observation to a single side a little facile editing, is created for a iPhone, though users can run a app upon Retina-equipped iPads as well as a iPad Mini if they can go through a real-size-of-the-iPhone arrangement or a 2X-expanded look, a dual options a iPad gives local iPhone apps.

iWork for iCloud won’t strech a open beta word until this fall, whilst Office Mobile was great to go upon Friday. Apple’s not pronounced either — as well as if so, how most — it will assign for iWork for iCloud. Microsoft’s scored equally Office Mobile to an active Office 365 account, which costs $ 99 annually for consumers as well as some-more than which for any commercial operation user. No Office 365 subscription, no Office Mobile.

The dual releases in a camber of 5 days held a courtesy of a single analyst. “I found a timing really interesting,” pronounced Bob O’Donnell of IDC in a Friday interview. “In a same week which Apple voiced iWork for iCloud, which is a flattering convincing hazard to Office upon a iPad as well as iPhone, Microsoft does this.”

The launch of Office Mobile did come as a surprise: Previous reports had pegged a tumble 2014 launch for Office, despite for both iPhone as well as iPad. The suddenness done it easy to appreciate as a rushed reply to iWork for iCloud.

But a lead time compulsory to get an app authorized by Apple for a App Store creates it some-more expected which it was coincidental. In fact, Apple, not Microsoft, might have been a a single which done a last-minute decision. Reports have had Microsoft variable with Apple for months over conditions of a latter’s cut for Office 365 subscriptions purchased inside of a iOS app, as well as Apple would positively have well known of a timeline for Office Mobile’s launch in a App Store.

Timing aside, a dual initiatives take really opposite tacks. While iWork for iCloud appears to be partial of Apple’s long-running plan to keep a users inside of a own ecosystem, Microsoft’s is an try to daub in to a iOS marketplace as well as have a little of them profitable customers.

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