About Tamoximed 20

Monday, February 23rd 2015. | Others

Balkan pharmaceuticals have made Nolvadex tablets by the name of tamoximed and it comes in tamoximed 10 and tamoximed 20. Tamoximed contains tamoxifen citrate as active substance. Tamoximed 20 is basically an estrogen blocker and used as PCT drug. Tamoximed is an oral preparation and it works to prevent estrogen impacts on certain receptors like n*pples.

Noldavex pct function makes it most favorable selection for bodybuilders. Tamoxifen citrate acts to stimulate LH production as a result of which tamoximed can increase testosterone amount in body thus making it’s a superb PCT steroid option. Follow this link http://steroids-shop.com.ua/product/206/ for more information

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