A hard-won apology for Tulisa

Friday, July 13th 2012. | Internet News

I hope that the apologies of Justin Edwards to his former girlfriend Tulisa Contostavlos are sincere. The rap artist put a private tape of the two of them on the internet, somehow failing to factor in the possibility that the singer and talent show judge might go to the law.

Contostavlos is happy with the outcome. Edwards has not only apologised, but has undertaken never to speak in public about their relationship again.

This is all very well, and – dread phrase – “sends out a message” that invading the privacy of one’s former intimates is not the right thing to do. Sadly, few can afford to resort to the law when they are abused in the manner that Contostavlos was.

And perhaps it would have been good to hear, from Edwards’s own mouth, why he now thinks his action was wrong.

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