Some twenty startups have inked blurb deals with SAP that will see them run prolongation applications with the HANA in-memory database upon Amazon Web Services, SAP voiced Thursday during the Tech Ed as good as Sapphire conferences in Madrid.

In addition, 153 startups have been right away partial of the special module SAP launched 6 months ago in hopes of fast formulating the partner ecosystem for HANA, that became in all accessible final year as good as has given turn the senior manager concentration of the vendor’s technical as good as product highway maps.

Those 153 companies were culled from some-more than 800 in seventeen countries that voiced seductiveness in the program, according to SAP. A infancy have been from what SAP called “non-traditional markets.” One is Better Food, the provider of “sustainable as good as protected food government services opposite the worth chain,” according to the statement.

Startups regulating the HANA One product commercially upon AWS embody Feedzai, builder of real-time rascal impediment software; Warwick Analytics, that develops “root means research as good as early notice systems for defects in formidable high-value production industries”; as good as amicable media selling businessman Fan Appz, according to SAP.

SAP’s importance upon the accumulation of markets the companies have been concerned with falls in line with executives’ visit row that HANA will capacitate the origination of wholly new, formerly unimagined sorts of applications.

It wasn’t transparent Thursday how most of the 153 startups or twenty companies that sealed blurb deals have benefited from the $ 155 million try account SAP proposed to assistance progress seductiveness in HANA.

“It’s extraordinary how fast the marketplace has come up from the ground,” senior manager house part of as good as record arch Vishal Sikka pronounced during the keynote residence Thursday, that was webcast.

However interesting HANA’s record as good as the awaiting of try appropriation might be to startups, there have been alternative factors in fool around as well.

For one, SAP’s assertive selling as good as growth skeleton for HANA have been expected confidence-boosters for entrepreneurs seeking to join their fortunes upon the incomparable company’s technology.

Other enticements embody the probability to aim SAP’s large user bottom with HANA-based products, as good as the probability SAP will finish up appropriation the most appropriate applications companies furnish in sequence to fast set up out the HANA portfolio.

SAP isn’t usually depending upon startups to emanate HANA applications. Also Thursday, the association voiced the array of latest specialized program scored equally to the platform, the little right away accessible as good as others in the formulation stages.

While SAP’s proclamation referred to some-more than thirty products, it privately listed usually the handful, together with applications for liquidity risk management, took off traffic graduation planning, as good as patron use analytics.

Chris Kanaracus covers craving program as good as ubiquitous record violation headlines for The IDG News Service. Chris’ email residence is Chris_Kanaracus@idg.com

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